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About this blog

I met him in the swamps, down in Dagobah

I started this blog in June of 2012, not really knowing what it would be about nor where I would go with it. I like to talk about what I’m interested in with willing audiences. The key purpose of this blog is to find such willing audiences. My brothers tend to take immediate and profound disinterest in anything I know more about than they do and hate it when I talk about my interests—presumably because they think I’m trying to show off how smart I am. The truth is that I get excited about stuff that I’m interested in and want to get the thoughts and opinions of other people who are also interested.

Writing, literature, art, and history are the main foci of my blog. I have a Bachelor of Arts in writing, an undergraduate certificate in technical writing, and a Master of Arts in literature—though I took at least as many graduate courses in composition as I did literature. I also draw and sketch in my spare time, thus I like to put bits and pieces of my artwork up for folks to look at. Plus, I’m something of an enthusiast when it comes to Ancient history and military history—mainly Ancient Greece and Rome, but pretty much any era and area of history interests me in various ways.

I am also in the process of writing a pair of novels that I like to post ideas and excerpts from—hopefully getting useful feedback on some of them. The novel I initially started with is called Chronicle of Pren, a Medieval fantasy/adventure story about two immortal women working to defeat a warlord with a magic mind-control device. One of them, Luka, leaves to build an army of people who are immune to the mind control, while the other, Zahnia, starts an underground resistance movement to keep the bad guy in place. The second, titled First Empress, I started in November of 2012 for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place in an Ancient Greek-like setting some 1,300 years prior to Chronicle of Pren and deals with how Luka (aka Queen Viarraluca) and Zahnia receive their respective immortality.

As these are hardly my only interests, I’ll occasionally discuss various other topics. These may include computer/video games, cars, comics, table-top gaming, family, movies, science fiction/fantasy, and hobbies. I’m a big fan of constructive criticism and strongly encourage useful feedback from readers, whether it is about individual posts, artwork, excerpts from my writing, or even the blog as a whole.


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