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New Blog Idea

My previous blog post about sartorially smart heroines gave me an idea for a new blog. I’ll go ahead and toss this out there just to get any kind of feedback and advice on my idea.

There are a lot of image blogs and galleries out there that celebrate the smartly dressed heroine in various sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, anime, modern adventure, etc. Fuck Yeah, Women in Armor, Shield Maidens, and Armored Women, are all very good ones, and I occasionally check up on Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor in hopes that it will start updating again. While these blogs feature amazing images of paintings, drawings, even photos of women characters in effective adventuring apparel, I find them to be sadly short on commentary and explanation as to why these are useful and effective outfits.

My idea is to start a new blog here on WordPress to offer commentary to go along with the images. I plan to discuss why I find particular outfits to be effective: what works in terms of protectiveness, utilitarianism, story (if applicable), setting, environment, character role, thematic appropriateness, and genre appropriateness. As such, I intend to focus mainly on the outfit, rather than the character herself—when character comes into play, it will be in terms of how the outfit helps her complete her particular role. As in, if I decide to offer a commentary on Princess Leia’s commando gear from Return of the Jedi, it will be for the sake of the uniform’s function on their intended mission, rather than, say, a contrast with her slave-girl costume from Jabba’s Palace.

My plan is to start out by offering a couple posts per week just to see if it creates any kind of interest from readers. If there is enough interest and demand, I may try to up that to 3–4 times per week. We’ll see what happens. What does everyone think on this idea? Please offer any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, or even just a ‘like’ if you think it’s a useful idea.


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4 thoughts on “New Blog Idea

  1. I love this idea — I would offer my suggestion of saying don’t count out the character herself…I have read many fantasy novels where the heroine was a female, and her attire not only contributed to how she completed the quest, but also spoke volumes about her personality and I feel without emphasis on both at some times…not all…it might take away from an excellent character build. A story starts with its star…or main personality — I want to know why she is wearing armor and who gave it to her — was it passed down to her — is it made out of a material that you can only find in the far reaches of the realm that she lives in and how she almost lost her life on a journey to find this protective armor…is it enchanted armor? Does it glow? why does it glow…does it enhance her own powers — what kind of powers does she have? Are there others like her or is she the chosen one? You are dead on with how attire can make or break a story — one of my main fascinations to fantasy writing are the covers and illustrations! I could write books and short stories based off of the coverings alone…and not just what I happened to have dreamt after watching my favorite sci-fi film…I am intrigued by this and if you start….I will be following — GOOD LUCK! S.

    • Hi, Shemaine!
      Thanks for the feedback and advice for the new blog. I’ll be sure to let you know when it launches. I get what you’re saying, and yes, if knowing the character is useful to understanding why an outfit or armor is sartorially appropriate, I’ll definitely include that in the discussion. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t want to limit myself just to heroines from stories I’m familiar with. Just for example, if I run across a character on the cover of a novel I’ve never read, I want to be able to still offer my thoughts on her apparel based just on the knowledge I have to work with. Does that make sense?

      Anyway, thanks again for your feedback!

  2. Aaaand, blog has officially launched!

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