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Fan Art: Amya Chronicles

I mentioned, back when I posted my fan art for Pete Abram’s Sluggy Freelance, that I had also drawn one for Savannah Houston McIntyre’s Amya Chronicles. Yesterday, I had the delightful honor of having my fan art posted as filler while the comic takes a hiatus.


Angie and Silenna, two half-elf rangers fighting for half-elf rights in Amya Chronicles. Both characters are introduced toward the beginning of Chapter 3, Lenna joining the main characters on their journey toward the end of the chapter.

Silenna Gardine, the half-elf ranger on the right, is likely my favorite character so far in Amya Chronicles. I like Lenna for… well for a lot of reasons, really. From an artistic standpoint, I like that she’s athletic and muscular without being pumped or ripped and she’s beautiful and sexy without being sexualized. That’s not an easy balance to find. And so far I haven’t seen her in a pose that would require the absence of a few ribs or the removal of one’s spinal cord. For a long time I was worried about Lenna’s future in the narrative, as she was listed on the cast page under “Acquaintances.” But as of recently, I noticed that she was moved to the “Travelers” category. No official confirmation, but I like to think this is a positive development for our lovely ranger’s future role in the tale. (One might notice that the image posted to the comic has been cropped slightly to fit the webpage’s format. Eh, now I know…)


A slightly photo-edited scan of the initial line work.

My initial concept sketch for this piece featured Lenna sitting by herself on the tree branch, looking at peace or contemplative. But when I finished the line work, I felt like she ought to be with someone, either talking or just hanging out. At first I considered Kaden, the rogue/pistol markswoman or Faye, the mute spell caster, but I couldn’t come up with a valid reason for either of them to be up a tree. It eventually made more sense to have her teammate, Angie, perched up there as if their biding their time before ambushing their quarry. Rather than redraw the whole image, I drew a second picture of Angie, then cut and taped the drawings together and scanned them to the computer. You can kind of see where I edited the lines out. I know it’s a primitive way to go about it, but I don’t exactly have hundreds of dollars to spend on Wacom Tablets and Adobe software.


Ink work for the lines. I’m not great at the inking yet, but I feel like my inked drawings come out much better when scanned to the computer than the regular graphite ones do.

Archival ink is a relatively new medium for me, and so I try not to get frustrated when I make mistakes and do my best to cover those mistakes. I’d not bother as much with it, but I like how the ink looks when I scan it to the computer. I can’t seem to make graphite scan all that well, so I’m typically less inclined to try to share my regular sketches. (If anyone has any tips or ideas for making my sketches look better on the PC, I’m open to suggestions.)

At any rate, I like how this turned out in the end, though I’ll admit to having been apprehensive about having it posted to the comic. So far, though, the other commenters have been appreciative. Interestingly, Savvy recently posted that she has a need of additional fan art, so I’m working on a sketch of two other characters to submit as well. Here is the current draft:


An image of Faye, the protagonist, and Kaden, the party’s rogue. Faye just recently got her very first handgun in the story, so it makes sense for Kaden, the resident markswoman to teach her to shoot.


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