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Shoe Drawings

A while back I found my shoe drawings from my sophomore year at Boise State. At the time I thought well, these would be cool to put up on the blog. It’s too bad my scanner isn’t big enough. A friend finally suggested the obvious: take pictures of them with my digital camera and upload them to the blog.



Chalk and Charcoal. These were for the Advanced Drawing Methods course I took in college. The instructor brought in a box of black leather shoes, had us set them on large pieces of white paper and draw them with charcoal, using chalk for the reflections.

The downside to using photos is that I can’t adjust the size or resolution very effectively. Thus it’s not really possible to tell how big these drawings are. They’re actually quite large, done on 18″ by 24″ drawing paper. I’ve thought about doing others like these, but haven’t gotten around to it just yet. I remember them being kind of fun to draw—if messy.


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