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Coloring Book

For my godson, Paul, for his birthday, I drew, inked, scanned and printed a series of twelve Medieval, fantasy-ish pictures for him to color. Paul and his big sister are really in to Greek Mythology right now, which is cool, so I made sure to include a few mythical creatures. My choice of pics was pretty random, consisting of pretty much whatever I could find that looked interesting to draw. I posted these to Facebook shortly after, and I think now is as good a time as any to add them to my blog. They should be full resolution, so feel free to print and color them yourselves.

In the order in which I drew them:

Babe with battleaxe

Every princess needs a battleaxe, right? This first picture I based on an image I found by an artist identified only as Heegur.

On the hunt

I based this drawing on a painting by historical artist, Angus McBride. The image was of a Pict on horseback, and I turned him into a centaur.

Step back, nonbeliever

Another Angus McBride image. This one of a Teutonic Knight. I get the distinct impression he’s about to mess somebody up.

If you run, you'll just die tired

I based this knight off of an image I found of the Knight Exemplar from Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: the Gathering. I’m kind of a sucker for tough women in practical armor.

Across the courtyard, through the portcullis, past the smithy, nothin' but face

Some kind of an archer/sniper. I don’t remember where I got the pose from, but the outfit is based loosely on the character Maxim from Girl Genius.

Original ship-of-the-line

Sailing the wine-dark sea. This one is a Hellenic-era trireme war galley. The Greeks knew how to build kick-ass boats. Of the set, the trireme was easily the most challenging.

Not a bird, nor a plane...

The Tempest Drake from Magic: the Gathering. After drawing that boat, I needed something simple to work on.

This is Paul, my godson. I took one of the pictures his mom gave me and drew him wearing half-plate. The armor is based on the Seven-Fathers set from Lord of the Rings Online.

Another Drake

Another Magic: the Gathering image. This one is based on the Azimat Drake.

Roman Legionaries cresting a hill. Trajan’s armies are on the march; run for the hills Dacian dogs! This one’s a compilation of images from screenshots from Rome: Total War.

Cue the lame “This is SPARTA!” references. Actually, this hoplite is from Corinth. Also based on a screenshot from Rome: Total War.

A wizardy sorceress. I got down to the end and realized I didn’t have a wizard of any kind. I decided to revisit an image I drew of Gwynn of Sluggy Freelance as the Black Mage from Final Fantasy.


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One thought on “Coloring Book

  1. “Hey! Maxim!” was my first thought for the archer.

    As for the last pic, I was thinking, “Hey! Orko!” But it’s Gwynn.

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