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Siren Song, Big Band Style


Silly sketch.

This is a whimsical bit that I sketched up mostly for the heck of it. It’s one of few drawings I’ve done straight from my imagination. I did pull up Google Images for trombone pictures, just to make sure my mermaid was holding it right, but beyond that it came from my mind. It’s not one of my better sketches, but it was fun to draw. I’ve thought about drawing other mythical creatures with modern musical instruments–after all, typically such creatures are depicted playing archaic instruments such as flutes, small drums, lyres, and lutes. Mermaids in particular tend to use conch horns or clappers made from seashells. A mermaid playing a brass instrument just struck me as delightfully silly.

Note that most of the instruments played by fey creatures tend to be quiet and delicate. Since I started this post, I’ve been thinking about other mythical creatures playing louder, more modern instruments. What about, say, a satyr wailing on a tenor saxophone? Or a centaur with bagpipes? Or a dryad tearing up a drum set? Or a pixie rocking a Fender Telecaster? The possibilities are endless and silly.


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