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Various Artwork

Sluggy Freelance meets Final Fantasy

The cast of Sluggy Freelance as the Light Warriors of Final Fantasy

After my first entry, Shawna suggested I post some of my artwork to the blog for others to comment on. I’ve posted some of my stuff to my Facebook profile, so I don’t have an issue with sharing online. I also like that I have more room to talk about my stuff here than I do on Fb. I started a Deviant Art account ages ago, with the intent of posting stuff there, but I always felt self-conscious putting my pen and graphite drawings on there with all of those slickly-drawn computer-generated images. My work just felt primitive in comparison. I like the blog option better because I can post everything on my own terms and talk about it as much or as little as I choose. For the time being I’ll post here, but I may start a separate art blog in the future.

The above drawing I drew last Halloween, in the spirit of webcomic artists who like to draw their characters dressed as other characters for Halloween. The characters are the main cast of Sluggy Freelance, a long-running daily webcomic by Pete Abrams. Here I drew them dressed as the Light Warriors from Square/Enix’s Final Fantasy. Left to right: Sam as Thief; Kiki as herself; Zoe as Black Belt; Torg as Fighter; Bun-Bun as himself; Riff as Red Mage; Sasha as White Mage; and Gwynn as Black Mage. I’m currently working to get this submitted as fan art to the Sluggy Freelance fan page. (Sluggy can be read in its entirety at One word of caution, it’s a daily comic that’s been running since 1997. I’ll let you do the math on how many comics that’s been.)

One important factor I learned from this was that the paper used in my sketch pad wasn’t intended for scanning onto the computer. Since then, I’ve been using actual printer paper, as it offers clearer images when scanned to a computer.


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