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Very First Blog

Blog is kind of a neat word. I think it’d make a fun onomatopoeia for a frog belching or something along those lines.

Why start a blog? Mostly, I’m just trying something new. I’ve never kept a blog before–or really even a journal, for that matter. Growing up, I my two younger brothers had a bad habit of getting into my stuff, so it was prudent to simply not keep anything around that might be potentially incriminating in the wrong hands. Writing down my inner-most thoughts and feelings in a place where someone might conceivably find and read them without permission seemed to fall into the ‘bad idea’ category. (Not that I’ll be sharing much that qualifies as ‘inner-most’ on a public blog.)

I like to talk about things I’m interested in with willing audiences. I like taking topics apart and analyzing and over-analyzing. Over-analysis is fun! I love to go on and on all manner of topics. The trouble is that when I get long-winded about something, I worry that people assume I’m trying to show off how smart I am. (I’m fairly certain this assumption is why my brothers take immediate and profound disinterest in anything I know more about than they do.) The truth of that matter is that I tend to think out loud when I discuss something, either verbally or over the keyboard.

I haven’t picked an overall theme for this blog yet, and I’m not sure that I will. I can talk on all manner of topics: writing, literature, history, Greek Mythology, science fiction/fantasy, gaming, cars, farming, Ancient Rome, guns, the list goes on. For the time being, I prefer to keep my options open. And honestly, I could just as easily start a sub-blog if I wanted to wanted to specialize in a topic.

I have various colleagues who keep blogs that have attracted strong followings. I think my key goal is to find thoughtful, like-minded people to share my ideas with and hopefully receive useful feedback from.


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3 thoughts on “Very First Blog

  1. I never kept a journal for the same reason. This is a great start. I’d love to see updates about your writing on here, and maybe some of the artwork you’ve been doing.

  2. You will like blogging better than journaling anyway because feedback encourages writing. Caveat: Don’t write anything about thin-skinned relatives. They will skin you alive.

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